Project Manager - AirTime patch
  • Hi

    I volunteer at Gabriola Radio Society - CKGI 98.7FM as it's president.

    We are patching an open source software program for use in Canadian Community Radio under a $30,000 grant from the Community Radio Fund of Canada and are starting to hire. Details for the first position is included below, the other positions Analyst and Programmer will follow.

    Have a look let me know, pass it on to qualified talent.

    Ken Zakreski

    Job Posting AirTime Project Manager - Paid Position

    Project Manager is needed to oversee the development of an open source software patch for Canadian Campus Community radio version of the AirTime software developed and maintained by SourceFabric.

    CKGI 98.7 FM, Gabriola Radio Society,,  is looking for a Project Manager starting ASAP. We are a not for profit Community Licensed Radio station operating on Gabriola Island BC.

    This is paid part-time work on a short term contract funded by the Canadian Community Radio Fund. The budget is approved and 75% funding is in place, the remainder is subject to progress completion.

    Deadline for applications is March 31st, 2015, 8 am, Pacific.

    Roles and Responsibilities

    - Gathering requirements from key stakeholders (the Gabriola Radio Society)
    - Communicating requirements, assessing the technical feasibility, and evaluating costs with the developer
    - Managing the scope of the project to fit the budget while satisfying key requirements
    - Managing the software development process
    - Overseeing final delivery and implementation of the software customization, from the studio to the FM tower.

    Technical Skills and Experience

    - Prior experience managing or developing software is a must
    - Competency with Linux
    - A university degree in Computer Science, Engineering, Mathematics, or a related field.

    Nice to have:
    - Experience working with open source projects
    - A good understanding of web application architecture
    - Proficiency with PHP and/or Python
    - General knowledge of serving audio files over the internet

    We're expecting a time commitment of ~ 200 hours over a period of 7 months.

    About you

    An excellent ability to oversee all aspects of the technical development for the project. We're looking for an experienced manager who isn't afraid to learn and rise to new challenges. You will be responsible for posting / hiring and supervising the development team (Analyst / Programmer / Documentation) for the project. CKGI will be the client role and provide Administrative support including financial reporting (Bookkeeping provided).

    This project will require you to undertake project management from your own office.

    Project Description:
    Research, develop and patch the existing open source radio software, AirTime, to be useful for Canadian Community Radio use. ”AirTime_eh” will be designed to permit simple remote station operations for live and scheduled programming. This will allow CKGI to operate with minimal studio facilities while providing broadcasting services, over high speed internet, from live concert venues, home studios or around kitchen tables.

    You will be required to prepare one mid term report and the final report for the granting agency.

    Testing will be accomplished by actually live (albeit) micro broadcasting on FM. We have a server shed (modified CBC Television Equipment shed) equipped for radio broadcasting. This shed will be powered and serviced with a high speed internet connection and attached to an FM transmitter.

    Specifically, the Canadian version will, it seems, have an extra content category field put in. Additionally, we are looking to improve the logging, tracking and reporting* of AirTime. Our goal is to reduce the administrative burden in operating a community radio station.

    We note there is no process to include our changes in further releases of AirTime. You will liaise with the developers community by their forum. Be prepared to answer the question… How can we approach integrating our Canadian patch into future releases of AirTime?

    *A cursory examination of AirTime revealed one field is missing for the CRTC logging of content categories < >. The CRTC is our broadcast regulator. Canadian stations have been using a comments field, which works, but we then don't have a comment field and it messes up tracking and reporting. We also want to include label/band self service tracking (by a simple on line search) and reporting airplay (the hits) to !earshot Magazine < >. The music industry is more willing to service stations  ( ie. send new releases ) providing this type of information.

    Current Working Budget
    Equipment (hardrives/RAM modules/audio card): $1,000
    Salary - Project Manager: $5,000
    Salary - Programmer/ Analyst: $18,000
    Salary - Hardware support technician and related costs to integrate server to network (shed set up & testing): $3,000
    Salary - Training Manual author: $1,000
    Salary - Layout training manual in html, publish to website/and eBook: $1,000
    Salary - Admin support: $1,000 (hired)
    This project started on December 1, 2014 and end on November 30, 2015. Software patch must be fully developed and operational by October 21st, 2015.

    Apply in writing to:
    Subject : AirTime_eh Project Manager

    Ken Zakreski, president
    CKGI 98.7 fm,
    Gabriola Radio Society
    Ph: 250-247-9891