Airtime Update - September
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  • Update: Something is coming in from the seance..

    Has anybody got a bug, or know of a bug, beginning with 'Cal'  or could be 'Pal' - its a bit fuzzy... 'Hal'? The line number 31712 may be significant?
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  • Nobody? Message said there was a stolen curly suspender? Mean anything to anybody?
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    you're cryptic John ;-)

    And Roger you are exactly where I am today...
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  • Thats the trouble with paranormal bug fixing :(

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  • Could I borrow your ouija board so I can ask the spirits if we'll see this mythical 2.6 creature by July 2015? :-c
  • image

    Roger, here it is. As you can see its a bit broken.. as is my pornograph  :(

    Hmm.. It seems there is a curly braces bracket missing on line 31712 on some php file.. That's a good as it will get for today. :/ Does anyone have an Auntie Susan who recently passed.. Could be Auntie Betty... liked chocolate and cat pictures?
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  • Baking soda ??? :-/
  • You just might have cracked it Roger!

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  • Maybe we should all just fork off!
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  • I think a fork is a good idea; people asked for AutoDJ over 3 years ago and it's still not implemented, not to mention that none of my ideas/suggestions were seriously considered. We got a post a few months ago that said Sourcefabric was going to be active on the forums and answer questions, and that is not true as it hasn't happened. Their GitHub is dead, and I am skeptical that this will change. The problem is that they are most likely barely making any money off their "pro" offering or maybe even losing money on it, and by releasing the new code to GitHub for people like us, it threatens their business model. It's no secret as to why they are cleaving so tightly to their bits.

    If Sourcefabric wants to have a pro offering with proprietary code and a restrictive license, then so be it. But I don't understand how this is licensed under the AGPL and the company is supposedly making changes to the code, yet not releasing the source. Is the pro offering getting changes beyond the 2.5.1 open source version, and that source is not available? How many more years of rhetoric and bullshit are people going to believe until doing something different?

    "Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results."

    -Albert Einstein

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    Hi Bob,

    Open source is a meritocracy. If you have time to write code and run an open source project, then by all means please fork Airtime. I know we've asked for a lot of patience from the community over the last year while we try to revitalize the project, but if your patience is running out, then just fork it. You don't need us to make the software better.

    To quell any doubts about our intentions, the changes we've made to Airtime Pro are to make scalability and maintenance easier for us on the infrastructure side. Anything useful for open source Airtime users (bugfixes, performance enhancements, etc.) has gone into the 2.5.x branch. The code is there on GitHub, which is far from dead. You can see our pull requests and commits here: 

    Additionally, you, our open source Airtime users, are not our target audience for Airtime Pro. The open source version does not threaten our hosted Airtime business model, and I'm so confident in that, that we're even working on a brand new installer for Airtime that will make it a lot easier to install. When this is done, we'll make our next release.

    There is no big secret conspiracy, it's just that Airtime Pro and some other projects have been taking up a lot of the development team's time this year. However, we're doing these things so that we can ultimately make Airtime development self-sustaining. Airtime Pro is not a bad thing - it's the way we're going to keep the lights on and continue developing free, open source software for users like yourself. 

    All that aside, there's still nobody stopping you from forking Airtime, but if you have the motivation to write some code, you'll save yourself a lot of time by just contributing to Airtime. We're always accepting patches and pull requests, and development of Airtime by the community is something that can definitely happen in parallel while some of us are focused on other things. It's up to you. If you want Airtime to get better, please get involved and send us patches.

    Lastly, for serious development discussion and sending patches, please join our developers' mailing list and feel free to ping us there:


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