Hack to take webstreams from l.i.v.e.3.6.5
  • It does not work because they fake the headers.
    Workaround. Use the real url for the stream and:
    In file: /usr/share/airtime/application/models/Webstream.php
    In Function: private static function discoverStreamMime($url)
    Just under the foreach loop, insert:

            if (strpos($url,'//216.235') !== false) {
                $content_length_found = false;

    UPDATE! Does not always work (sorry guys - my bad). More mime work required.
    BUT, I found out why some of my mp3's play silence BUT WORKS IN PREVIEW while testing this. Reported mime/other header stuff incorrect but the browser figures it out anyway. AT Doesn't always.I found out where - not found out why yet..

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