Booktype 2 - does not have puplishing button (fresh install)
  • Hello community. 

    I have just installed Booktype 2 on my MacBook Pro using this instructions -

    all sems to be working fine but I can not export or do publishing as there is no button on book page.

    Please advice - what is the problem and how this can be fixed.
    All seems to be working fine but i can not do puplishing and export book. 

    See screnshots from more details.

    Screenshot of the admin book page 


    screen of the edit book page.


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  • Hi Alexander!

    Yes, these things have not been implemented yet. Booktype 2.0 is still in the development and is missing some major features at the moment. Some of these things have been developed in different projects and it should be merged by the end of this month.