TuneIn Updater code for Talk Shows etc. Updates with SHOW info. Tested on 2.5.1
  • TuneIn.php     Beta 1 30/July 2014
    This is a Tunein Updater for TALK SHOWS etc.
    It Updates using Airtime SHOW INFORMATION - NOT TRACKS!!!
    Please Make your show titles like this: Show Name[COLON] Brief Desc.
    E.g. The Roger Rabbit Show: All the Best Chat!

    Requires cURL and CLI PHP

    Run this as a Cron Job to update TuneIn e.g every 15 mins.
    Add your TuneIn keys etc below and place file in this folder and make it executable.  /usr/share/tunein/

    All feedback & suggestions to info@coastal-computing.com

    TuneIn Details: Get Your Keys and ID From TuneIn.com

        $StationID = "xxxxxxxxxxx";
        $PartnerId = "yyyyyyyyyyy";
        $PartnerKey = "zzzzzzzzzzz";
        $NothingSheduledShowTitle = "Musical Interlude";
        $NothingSheduledShowAlbum = "Our Favorite Tracks";
        $NothingSheduledShowArtist = "Various";
        $LastShowFile = '/usr/share/tunein/lastshow.txt';
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    No longer using Airtime or Libretime.
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    Good job, but I prefer get Json data from http://YOURHOST/api/live-info/type/endofday?callback and personally I use the URL field for description, like that the title is clean. 

    The interest with TuneIn is especially for song titles?

  • This is the first part of my extended widget project. I will be extending the code to create a JSON API feed that has much more data in it than the Airtime APIs. It does not, and will not, need any changes to Airtime or LS files at all.

    I did not want track titles for TuneIn. I wanted the Show Title instead as we are a Talk Radio station.
    We use the URL field for URL.

    No longer using Airtime or Libretime.