Automated tests at package build time
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    Hi devs, says that auto tests can be run like so:
    cd {build_dir}; django-admin test --settings=YOURMODULE.test_settings --pythonpath=. [YOURMODULE.tests]
    Where YOURMODULE is the top-level dir which contains a specific Django settings named and contains a tests/ subdir for the auto tests to pass.

    Would this be appropriate for Booktype? I can't find values for --settings and --pythonpath that will work on my build machine.


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  • Hi Daniel!

    If you check source repository you will notice "tests" directory. In this directory we have 3 needed config + other files for the test projects.

    You will notice there are 3 shell scripts., and Each type of tests has different settings file and which defines PATH, settings file name and etc.You would probably be interested in everything except selenium tests. You can use settings file from there and use pythonpath values defined in and