Firing Media Monitor update manually (or by bash script) - where is the update code?
  • To update new watched content in the media monitor - it seems you have to manually click the update icon.

    It appears that Media-Monitor used to do this automatically but it was removed because it refreshed all the folders every 5 seconds and that is a lot of resources on Airtime's SAAS Pro hosting servers.

    There was a request to put it back. This was refused and a dev comment added that "..manually clicking is enough - not doing it. Closed."

    OK..  That makes sense in Aitime Pro (SAAS multi-account) setup, but I need to fire an occasional update of all the watched folders, on a cron job, for my RSS Podcast Auto Importer MKII.

    I have been digging around trying to find where in the code this is done - it seems it may use in user/utils - but there are 2 identical copies of that in the system.

    Could some kind dev DEV please point me in the right direction? I can't find a track in the JSON to follow.

    Any pointers? Thanks.
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