/srv/airtime/stor on different host
  • I vaguely remember seeing documentation in old airtime docs about how to set up airtime in a distributed manner, i.e. with the database engine on a different host from the webserver on a different host from the MQ server on a different host from the playout engine on a different host from the icecast server on a different host from the actual sound files, etc.

    In my application, I'm looking to have the archive files /srv/airtime/stor on a different host from everything else. Nothing too crazy or complicated, just a machine that acts as archive host, and the rest of airtime runs elsewhere.

    Where are those docs hiding these days? Anyone have an example config? What would be the minimum amount of airtime stuff I'd need on the sound-archives-only machine?
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    Hi muhoo, probably the simplest way to do this is to use a watched folder:


    If you want to run a distributed system, you will need to adjust setttings as shown here:



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    Thanks, watched folder seems the easiest and most robust option.

    For cloud storage, something like fusermount + watched folder looks like it'd do what I want.