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When a good old reboot,might just be the only answer(Schedules Not Working)-Silence occuring
  • At 1100 EST, On 25th,My schedule Webstream,was not being played.

    This is a linked show,repeat and no ending.

    • The Logs Show no evidence of problem
    • Restart All the usual (media monitor,liquidsoap,etc.) still no show
    • The Now playing Showed that the schedule program should be playing
    • A check of the stream showed that it was ok.

    So frustration sets in,my auto dj was working (if I never had this then silence would occur)

    So back to basics.

    Just reboot the darn thing and bam the webstream starts.

    My only thought is that the system locks up.
    So why not try a reboot the next time All troubleshoot has failed(put reboot as part of your arsenal of troubleshooting)

    When I used to do technician work,most time people say that"it was working yesterday but not today"
    A reboot  cure the problem

    Good luck

    Maybe if you restart Apache you get the same effect especially when using VPS
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