Dynamic Smart Blocks don't randomize with Repeating Shows
  • I am trying to setup a show that will run monday thru thursday and have a smart block setup with all songs. I want it to randomize though on each repeated show. Is this possible? I don't want to have to do it the hard way and create multiple different shows for each day occurring monthly on each day, that would be too much.

    If anyone could help, it'd be appreciated.
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  • If you create show that repeats every day (see picture 1 in attachement), then dynamic smart blocks don't randomize in that show.
    But if you create same show for every day in week which repeats only in that day (see picture 2 in attachement, then dynamic smart blocks randomize playlist in that shows.

    PS English is not my primary language, so if I'm not clear, ask me again.
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    to be randomized you smart blocks could be "dynamic" not "static"
  • They are. But they dont randomize if I repeat the show.
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    have you linked them ?
  • Yes. I click link then set one of them to a dynamic smart block, then they all display the same order.
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    that really not normal
    if you create a dynamic block with some criterias, and go to calendar to create your show with this dynamic block and linked it to the next instances of  this show.
    that could work...
  • Yes, but I would have to do that for every single one, and keep doing it.
  • Isn't there an easier way.
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    why single one ?

    you create repeating shows and linked them
    when you fill the first with your dynamic smart block the others are automatically filled
  • From the manual

    "A Dynamic smart block will only save the criteria, and the specific content will be generated at the time the block is added to a show.."

    So, my reading of it is that when the block is added to a show - linked or not - the content is randomised at this point and then stored. Therefore the linked shows will all have the same content. This seems not to be a bug, but by design.

    Matbe the Smart block should be randomise for each linked show, but the manual says it does not.

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  • I already have the same behaviour. The content of a linked show was the same every day. But it appears some days after I added the content.

    Now, I create a linked show, add content, then I "de-link" them immediately.
  • Hello,

    I confirm that John said about smarts blocks. l like that the content is generated every day !  
    May send a request to the tracker bug?

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    I think this error is due to UTC clock, deactivate UTC on your system
    I've never seen this problem on my machines...
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    Hi Yannick, please do open a ticket at http://dev.sourcefabric.org if you find a bug.

    The concept of the linked show is that all the content is the same for every show in the future. However if I add a dynamic smart block to a linked show in Airtime 2.5.1, I get a different selection of tracks for each show. If your smart block is definitely dynamic, I can think of two reasons why you may not be seeing this:

    1. You are running an older version of Airtime which has a bug in this scenario.
    2. Your dynamic smart block has not enough files to work with, because its criteria is too narrow. For example if only 20 three minute files meet the criteria and you want a limit of one hour, you will always get the same content.


  • I found workaroundscenario. If I create linked show that repeats every day in the week without end, and if I add dynamic smart block to that show, the content remain the same every day. 
    But If I create the same show for every day in the week that repeats every week with no end. And if I add dynamic smart block to that show, the content is randomized every day. 
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    sinisa, could you try to go more in detail?
    I don't get what you try to say, and it would be very helpful...
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  • I opened a ticket for this bug, i'ts excactly which Sinisa describes.

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  • Shit! My radio station has been online for three weeks and it's been 3 weeks since the same music plays every day .. Grrr