Running with a stock PHP 5.5 is not supported in Airtime 2.5.1?
  • I saw this in the Release of 2.5.1

    "Running with a stock PHP 5.5 is not supported, unless you somehow managed to get php-apc installed. We will work towards this as we approach the next Ubuntu LTS release in April 2014."

    Could You explain this for me?

    I have not upgrade to 2.5.1 but if I attempt to this weekend,What additional steps is needed by me

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  • Vote Up0Vote Down Albert FRAlbert FR
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    nope !

    php 5.5 will be only compatible with the next Airtime 2.6

    available in ...2014
  • Vote Up0Vote Down Albert SantoniAlbert Santoni
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    Hey Voisses. 
    In Airtime 2.5.1, we started using PHP-APC to cache the preferences in order to avoid hitting the database every time a preference needs to be fetched. For any given HTTP request, we could see a massive flood of database queries (causing unnecessarily high load) due to this. This problem was discovered in our hosted Airtime Pro environment, but could just as well affect other Airtime users because our schedule and player widgets currently cause Airtime to hit the database every time someone visits your website where you've embedded it.

    A quick optimization to reduce the database load was to add a simple in-memory caching layer, which is what we were able to do very quickly with PHP-APC. Unfortunately, we discovered during the 2.5.1 QA process that PHP-APC is not longer supported in PHP 5.5. I was caught by surprise on this, and I had expected something like this to be mentioned in the PHP 5.5 release notes but it isn't.

    We have a new branch the works that replaces PHP-APC with memcached, and we expect that will land in Airtime 2.6 to help us restore PHP 5.5 compatibility.

    Airtime Developer @ Sourcefabric