Airtime 2.5.1 Released!
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    Hi guys,

    I'm pleased to announce the immediate release of Airtime 2.5.1! This update includes a number of important bugfixes to the scheduler and calendar, which particularly improve the experience for users working in different timezones. We've also included some performance optimizations and minor graphical improvements to the calendar. 

    This update will be pushed to our APT repository within the next 48 hours.

    New Dependencies

    This new version of Airtime requires php-apc, as a temporary measure to improve performance by reducing hits to the database. When upgrading, a small two line change should automatically be made to the airtime.ini PHP configuration file in /etc/php5/conf.d/airtime.ini. This change will be automatically made if doing a manual upgrade/installation with the airtime-full-install script or by the Debian packages in our APT repository. If for some reason you are following a different installation procedure, please consult the airtime.ini file in git.

    Known Issues

    - Repeated shows from the past may show up when you scroll to a new calendar page, due to a past bug which incorrectly saved the end date of repeating shows. This can be solved by left-clicking on the first unwanted event, and selecting "Delete->Delete This Instance and All Following". The "end date" of the repeating show will be saved correctly and it will no longer propagate into the future again unless you tell it to.

    - Running with a stock PHP 5.5 is not supported, unless you somehow managed to get php-apc installed. We will work towards this as we approach the next Ubuntu LTS release in April 2014.


    Here's a full list of changes in this release (Airtime 2.5.1):

    Bug Fixes

    • [CC-5405] - When editing a single show instance from a repeating series, should not create a new cc_show
    • [CC-5487] - Calendar won't load under certain situation with linked shows
    • [CC-5503] - Content gets scheduled with wrong instance id sometimes
    • [CC-5519] - Contents of repeat linked show get scheduled one day behind
    • [CC-5570] - Tracks get scheduled ahead of their show start time
    • [CC-5571] - Overlapping show check is wrong sometimes
    • [CC-5581] - Moving a repeating instance past it's original start date doesn't update content start times
    • [CC-5582] - Tracks get scheduled at the same time
    • [CC-5583] - PostgreSQL fails to create Airtime Database - UTF8 issue - with proposed fix.
    • [CC-5584] - Airtime fails to run after install - Wrong PHP version encountered.
    • [CC-5589] - SQL error when adding/moving a scheduled item
    • [CC-5592] - Deleting an instance then editing show, recreates the instance
    • [CC-5593] - Overlapping Show Bug
    • [CC-5594] - Remove all date_default_timezone_get()
    • [CC-5595] - Improper day of week comparison
    • [CC-5596] - Can Recreate an Instance in a Location that has been modified
    • [CC-5597] - User timezone settings aren't working
    • [CC-5598] - Deleting an edited, repeated instance deletes the entire show
    • [CC-5599] - Can drag and drop an edited repeating instance on calendar
    • [CC-5600] - Changing the start or finish time if an existing (especially linked) show - content 'disappears'
    • [CC-5601] - Cannot update an existing show
    • [CC-5603] - Calendar scheduled overlapping shows
    • [CC-5626] - Context menu -> Edit -> Doesn't populate show forms properly
    • [CC-5628] - Changing show time to before original time doesn't update cc_schedule
    • [CC-5629] - Smart Block timestamps aren't saved in UTC time
    • [CC-5630] - Shows created on a DST border get scheduled an extra hour longer
    • [CC-5631] - Calendar doesn't highlight current day properly in Brisbane timezone
    • [CC-5632] - System preferences don't get saved
    • [CC-5633] - Can schedule overlapping shows
    • [CC-5634] - Can add/remove content to a linked show while one instance is currently playing
    • [CC-5636] - Php 5.5: Cannot update repeating show's name if that instance is updated
    • [CC-5637] - Php Fatal error happens when editing repeating show's instance
    • [CC-5638] - Shows become unlinked when moving the end time back
    • [CC-5639] - Repeating show's instances will vanish when editing single instance with overlapping warning
    • [CC-5640] - End time does not get updated when editing the current playing show
    • [CC-5641] - Can Create Zero or Negative Length Shows
    • [CC-5643] - Changing linked show end time doesn't update the track schedule status


    • [CC-5555] - Implement simple caching for preferences (using php-apc)

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