File upload issue ................ please advice !
  • Hi , eventhough i do like Airtime , its still lacks a great amount of options......................

    Anyway for some reason the upload function des not work anymore ................i have uploaded about 9571 MP3 files to my Airtime system ( localhost ) , though for some reason :

    * uploaded files cannot be found again in the library
    * no files are being added ( the total remains as it is , even when i upload another 1000 mp3 files )

    What i like knowing is :

    1. how do i access the database ( i am familiar with phpmyadmin , though i have not the slightest idea how to access the database on my airtime installation .................. clear instructions would be appreciated

    2. how do i delete the files within the "problem files" directory as i cant get rid of them the normal way using the terminal.

    I use a ubuntu distri ( 12.04 )

    3. how do i prevent this from happening ?

    Thanks in advance !

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  • Update : 

    I seem to be able to upload some files , though other files are appearently being refused by the Airtime installation....................

    Has anyone ever experienced the same issues ?
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    Hi Jeroen,

    This could be due to a file name text encoding issue. Airtime only supports UTF-8 encoded filenames presently, and we're working on improving that.

    Do you have access to the server Airtime is installed on? If so, check /var/log/airtime/media-monitor/media-monitor.log for errors and we might be able to find out which file is causing a problem. 

    Airtime Developer @ Sourcefabric
  • Hi Albert,

    Thanks for your reply. The server is use is operated by myself so it should not be an issue to me to send the log file , however , this is a production server so i had to uninstall Airtime and install it again.

    However something else came up :

    I had had completel the uninstall procedure ( sudo apt-get remove airtime ) & then manually remove etc/airtime & srv/airtime.

    I checked if the directories wer still present and i can confirm the were deleted indeed.

    However ............... the biggest surprise was yet to come !

    After installing Airtime , the directories were back ! Including the content i had previously deleted ( ????? )

    the srv/airtime/stor/imported directory contains appr 171 sub-directories and has a total of 829 files , the library only displays 568 files. I should mention , the problem_files directory is empty !!!!!!

    Still i am able to upload files and use them.

    Just to inform you : i have used exfalso to strip each mp3 file / flac file  from its mp3 tags , in order to reduce the chance of uploading corrupted files.

    Any suggestions for this issue ?

    I can send a link to the log file if its needed. Thanks in advance !

  • Uninstall. Purge all caching, start again? Sounds like the write-cache had not enough time to fimish it's commits?
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