Scheduled program re-edit problem in 2.5
  • If I have a show with content and I change a start or end time - the content seems to disappear and does not play!
    The show colours in backend are set to new random colours. (annoying).
    A workaround..
    If I then add an item to the 'empty' show - POOF! as if by magic the old content reappears! BUT the times may or may not be correct.
    Sometimes its shows a false 24 hour over run and sometimes a 1 hour over-run.
    If I then remove the extra added program, mostly, the times correct themselves - but not always.
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  • Is this happening with a repeating show? Are the shows linked?
    Did you change the start/end time by using the edit show form, or were you dragging and dropping the show in day/week view?


  • Yes they were linked
    LISTEN it all worked ok until i did a span over midnight - that is the clue
    No longer using Airtime or Libretime.