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  • I see that we cannot add files to a current show...  If we wanted to take requests from listeners OR decide to play a "Breaking News" clip, is there any way to make changes on the fly, aside from having a separate program (like winamp) to stream to Master Source for "Break-ins".

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  • You are able to add files to a current show on the now playing page as long as it is not a "linked" show.
  • I don't know what constitutes a "Linked" show, as of right now all we do is add a Playlist that we created to a show.  I can go to "Now playing" and it will not let me add files to the content.
  • There is an option when creating a repeating show which is called "Link".
    These shows should have an icon on the calendar when they are made. When you schedule one the contents appear in all the show instances.
  • Ok, we never got to creating a repeating show... we have just been testing with single shows, about an hour long.  I am guessing those shows weren't linked, and, no ... we could not add, move or delete anything from the now playing section.

    Thanks for your help, but my other two partners got impatient and moved to another solution.  I will keep coming back, looking to see if any of the features I have requested ever make it in.  At that time, we may give it another go.
  • Were you using Airtime 2.4.1?
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    Hi Matt,

    if you open "Now Playing", you should see a button labeled "Add/Remove Content".

    Click on it and the library will open on left side. Now you can drag and drop files into the "Now Playing" window. See screenshots.


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  • One other nice feature when you are in the now playing

    on the left side is your library

    on the right side is the current playing songs

    you can select any songs you want to play by clicking the check box on the left

    then go anywhere below the current songs playing and click the arrow

    when you look on the left the "+add selected to show" becomes available just click it  and wherever you had chose on the right will have the new songs

    if you want to stop the current songs and start one of the new ones just selected just click the trash

    you can also start over te songs you are currently playing by reselecting the song from the libary and trashing the one currently playing.

    I found this a handy feature when my encoder went down and I just play from the now playing on the server

    Remember you must have a show schedule on the calendar to use the Now playing feature

    Your monitor or Display must be greater than 1260xh to have your library and Now playing side by side
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