Installing Newscoop 3.5?
  • I want to install version 3.5 of Newscoop because the latest version can't upgrade my database from Campsite 2.6.7. 

    When I try to go to the admin page, I get this error: 

    [22-Aug-2013 13:10:54 Europe/Stockholm] PHP Fatal error:  Class 'LocalizerLanguage' not found in /www/webvol20/lx/qocik3a4fn8yqn5/ on line 170

    but that is ok because I don't need to actually use this version. I only want it to upgrade my database to something that works in the latest version of Newscoop. So I ignore this error and go instead to upgrade.php, but then there is another error: 

    Error: While upgrading the database: tables.sql (2.6.0): mysql: not found

    and the database was not upgraded! What is causing this error? Is some file in the wrong path?