how to quickly duplicate a show
  • Hi everybody.
    Is there a way to fastly repeat a show or copy its content to another?
    Or, even better, to set a show with defined rules related to a specific content?

    Eg: every friday morning I scheduled a program with a redirection to another radio stream...
    Or: every sunday morning I scheduled a program with a smart playlist of just Stoner music...
    Or, again: spread all over the week, between programs, I scheduled another redirection to another radio stream (which means, in many different moments every day, but repeatedly every week: on sunday 17h-19h and 21h-23h, on monday 9h-13h, 15h-16,30h and 18h-22h, etc...)
    ... In all these cases, I have to manually fullfill every occurrance of the single show, even if the content is always the same..

    Am I missing something, does this possibility already exist or.. What do you think about implementing it in the future versions?
    Thanks for your attention (and excuse my weak english)

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    you can do that with airtime 2.4 and linked shows
  • Thank you very much.
    I still have the previous version, I'ill upgrade it and check this possibility.