CKMS 100.3 SoundFM in Waterloo, Canada
  • Greetings!

    We are a campus/community FM radio station serving Waterloo, ON Canada for over 35 years. We are a non-profit corporation run entirely by volunteers. We host about 40 shows per week from our studio located in the heart of Waterloo. More on us can be found here:

    We've been looking at Airtime for a couple of years and we are now in a position to set it up. Features that I think will change the game for us are: remote scheduling, automatic recordings and on-location stream-in. We are choosing to use the analog output going into our studio mixer. We take our mixer output and send it to our tower via an Icecast setup that we already have.

    Thanks to the developers for all the hard work!
    100.3 FM in Waterloo, ON, Canada
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  • Hey Nat, 

    welcome to the Airtime family! Please share your experience/problems/great moments with us so we can keep improving! 


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