Display Issues limited by 50 (Adminpanel)
  • Hi, DEVs.
    I found restricting the number of issues per publication and it is 50.
    For example: our newspaper has accumulated for seven years six month 101 issues if count one issue per month, but earlier we make one issue per week and count of overall issues is 404.

    file: /admin-files/article/add_move.php  line 45.

    I removed the limit of 50 in an array of issues and see all the issues

        $allIssues = Issue::GetIssues($f_destination_publication_id,
                                    $f_article_language, null, null, null, false,
                                    array("LIMIT" => 50, "ORDER BY" => array("Number" => "DESC")), true);

    wbr R.Shilov.
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    Hi Ruslan,

    I just created ticket for that problem: http://dev.sourcefabric.org/browse/CS-4619

    Thanks for reporting!