im trying use nested comments but without success
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    i insert the nested comments code in my article-comments.tpl but it doesnt work

    when i review with firebug the nested comments code only insert a <ul/> element, a strange thing because is a tag than not exist in html tags.

    my interest is get:

    comments DESC order 
    subcomments/replies ASC order 

    subcomments/replies must appear "downside" each comment and asc order and in tree format, or in tree design.

    And this present a problem because when i use {{ list_article_comments order="default desc" }} in my code, it order all comments and subcomments/replies in DESC order (level 0 and level 1 and anylevel), and it show subcomments/replies "upside" the main comment.

    any suggestions is welcome, thx in advance.
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