Help update Newscoop translations!
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    Hi all,

    Here is a chart of the completeness of Newscoop localizations in version
    4.1.0. We would like to get as many of these as we can to 100% for the
    4.1.1 bugfix release...

    Italian 98.17%
    Russian 98.13%
    German 97.00%
    Spanish 96.19%
    Czech 94.44%
    Polish 93.27%
    Serbian Latin 89.74%
    Serbian Cyrillic 89.61%
    Ukranian 86.94%
    Greek 86.37%
    Georgian 78.82%
    Brazilian Portuguese 70.79%
    Belarusian 65.15%
    Romanian 41.14%
    Swedish 29.21%
    Portuguese 28.24%
    Arabic 27.06%
    Croatian 27.06%
    French 27.06%
    Korean 27.06%
    Dutch 23.04%
    Chinese 12.70%
    Hebrew 12.01%
    Traditional Chinese 7.59%
    Bangla 5.27%
    Albanian 0.65%
    Turkish 0.00%

    We do have official translators for some of these languages (Russian,
    German, Spanish, Greek and Georgian), but by no means all of them. If
    you would like to get a language team together, please let me know. It's
    much more fun if you can localize together :-)

    Also, we now have a couple of scripts that can convert Newscoop's PHP
    localization files to and from GNU gettext .po files, for use with
    automated tools such as Google Translate Toolkit:

    This approach particularly suits new localizations, or localizations
    with large numbers of translated strings missing.