I am evaluating to migrate thecartpress plugin from wordpress to newscoop
  • hello

    i am new in newscoop development. And i'm evaluating to migrate a plugin from wordpress to newscoop. Thecartpress is a full shopping-cart plugin.

    I want to know your opinions about to migrate a plugin from wordpress to newscoop and how difficult is to do it

    Im review your doc about plugin development, and all is ok

    Because its not only plugin structure, I have special preocupation at code inside the wordpress files plugin with own wordpress code 

    About to disable wordpress own code and translate to newscoop and things like that

    If somebody have a guide to make this migration or something like that, it is grateful in advance.

    thanks and regards

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  • Hi Raul,

    That wiki page is obsolete (our bad ;)). We do not encourage developers to use that plugin api as it is not maintained anymore.

    Currently though, we are working on a new plugins system, and it's estimated to get to a functional state by the end of this month. It is based on Symfony Bundles in case you are familiar with that.

    We invite you to get involved with the implementation so that you get familiar from the go and then you could port the plugin in an easier way.

    You can follow the development in Github https://github.com/sourcefabric/Newscoop/pull/187 and get in touch with the developers in charge to ask any question you have.

    Thank you for getting in touch. Looking forward to your contributions !

    All Best,

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  • Ok thanks Holman, that you say me is about plugin structure, true? Im dont know Symfony bundles but its good time to learning if finally we decision about migrate thecartpress plugin to newscoop.

    Is this page good to start at symfony bundles, inside it explain about bundle structure, is it the new plugin structure for newscoop plugins?

  • hi,

    yes that's a good start point, in newscoop it will be based on that.

  • But newscoop 4.0.3 has old plugin structure yet, true?

    I want to help on newscoop dev but i need to start setp by step, and i need a lot of help because i never help on code community and basics tasks for me is difficult. For example commits tools, methodology and so

    Do you have on newscoop community or sourcefabric community persons to help and guide at new devs contribuitors?


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    Hey Raul, 

    Yes - 4.0.3 has old plugin structure.

    You can allways ask on this forum, or try to catch us on #newscoop irc chanell. 
  • hi Pawel, ok 

    i take around irc