Перестало отображаться содержимое публикуемых статей
  • Подскажите, пожалуйста, в чем может быть дело. При публикации статьи не отображается ее содержимое. Отображается только заголовок и сразу идет поле для комментариев. Хотя при редактировании в поле тела статьи содержится большой текст. До этого момента все работало нормально, проблема появилась внезапно, никаких изменений в настройки не вносил. Проблема сохраняется в разных браузерах. Пытался создавать новые выпуски, новые типы статей, разделов. Проблема все равно сохраняется. Работаю с шаблоном The New Custodian. Никаких изменений в шаблон не вносил. Очень надеюсь на вашу помощь. Спасибо.
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  • Hi,
    Can you write what version of newscoop do you have?
    Did you update newscoop?
    Article has text in body after save?

    This questions will be for us helpful to detect a problem.

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    My version of newscoop is 4.0.3. I didn't upgrade it, just installed and began to learn it. Yes, there is text in article body. When I quit system, restart everything and then edit article it has all text that I added before. But when I publish article, text is not displayed, only heading and field for comments.

    I suppose that this problems began after I made changes in article types. I tried to add different article types, made some experiments by merging them. And then noticed this problem. Later I removed all article types, all issues and even publications. Then I created everything new but problem still remains. Have no idea...
  • Hello Timur,

    if you were changing field names in article type definitions, then you also need to change templates - for example if your field was called 'body' and now you call it 'full_text', you need to find all appearances of {{ $gimme->article->body }} and change them to {{ $gimme->article->full_text }}.

    Or, you could simply revert back to default field names and then just adjust field display names. That way templates don't need to change, yet the person who's submitting content using article type with field 'body' will see whatever you entered as field display name (for example, 'Here you are expected to put the main content of your article', or just 'Full text')
    Ljuba Rankovic
    Senior Front End Developer, Sourcefabric

  • Thanks a lot. You gave me a tip where to look for a problem. I discovered that I made some syntax mistakes while editing templates. Thanks again.