Vagrant VM with Newscoop
  • I added some chef recipes and glue to my Newscoop fork (see the next-vagrant branch)
    For a more detailed description on what Vagrant is and howto set it up see

    Please comment if you have any questions on Vagrant,
    suggestions on how to enhance the automated provisioning and installation are also very welcome.

    A short term goal for vagrant provisioning would be not to have to run the manual /install/index.php on every build/deploy
    More on that soon.
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  • I have given up on this one. As Files are being moved, deleted, written all over the place during installation I constantly run into permission problems.
    This seems to be an issue related to Os X (default umask) <-(NFS)-> Ubuntu VM (umask).
    As Newscoop needs a lot of resources, running it in a small VM wasn't too much fun anyway.
    So I have moved my Newscoop Development environment back to Os X with ZendServer CE.