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Vagrant VM with Newscoop
  • I added some chef recipes and glue to my Newscoop fork (see the next-vagrant branch)
    For a more detailed description on what Vagrant is and howto set it up see https://github.com/lenada/Newscoop/tree/next-vagrant/var/vagrant

    Please comment if you have any questions on Vagrant,
    suggestions on how to enhance the automated provisioning and installation are also very welcome.

    A short term goal for vagrant provisioning would be not to have to run the manual /install/index.php on every build/deploy
    More on that soon.
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  • I have given up on this one. As Files are being moved, deleted, written all over the place during installation I constantly run into permission problems.
    This seems to be an issue related to Os X (default umask) <-(NFS)-> Ubuntu VM (umask).
    As Newscoop needs a lot of resources, running it in a small VM wasn't too much fun anyway.
    So I have moved my Newscoop Development environment back to Os X with ZendServer CE.