which owner:group for airtime music folder and files ?
  • Hello,

    can you provide a detailed information about read/write/execute right on 

    and files in it
    owner:group ? read write execute ? Set GID ?

    thank you

    my folder (created by airtime) are user=root  group=www-data

    My music file was in another folder with user=www-data group=www-data rights.
    i have ran "airtime-import --copy <directory> 
    and all files in the "imported" folder are root:root
    is it normal ?

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  • The files should have group permission "www-data" so that the web-server can "preview" these files.

    What is the read permission on these files?
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  • We tried to reproduce this but could not. Is this for Airtime 2.1?
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  • in my airtime "imported" folders are
    root:root 0777
    but files in it are www-data:www-data 0644

    Maybe it's because i ran the airtime import script as root user (since i'm always working as root through ssh)
  • airtime-import requires that you run as root user so that won't be it.

    Permissions should be 

    755 root:www-data on directories


    644 root:www-data on files.
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  • ok after modifying read/write owner/group  i'm now able to upload through web interface

    Thank Mr Martin :)