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  • Hi!

    Great job with the new version of Airtime. But what about the docs?

    For example, on your website I saw in the features list about a Dj stream and a Master stream. In the web admin interface of Airtime it's master and show.
    I didn't manage to connect to the show stream, and on the master stream only after setting master username to "source", the default for icecast.

    Could you please explain al this settings: master user, password, port, mountpoint and those for the source stream? Why the "source" doesn't have an username and password?

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  • Hello

    I too am trying to work this out.  I have Mixx on a remote machine but have not successfully connected and broadcast from it yet.

    Is there a need for me still to manually configure the icecast config files before too or should the settings in Airtime interface be enough to get it working?

    A walk through going from a system configured just for standard scheduled playout to a system accepting a DJ feed via Mixx or similar would be useful.

    Thank you

  • Anyone?

    Some help, please!

  • I found Sneak Peek very helpfull.

    If You want to connect to show source you need to configure show to "airtime authentication". Then you should assign one of the users to the show. Using Mixxx You can connect with airtime user credentials. Unfortunetly, you can connect only during the show which the user is assigned to. Not even a minute earlier (correct me if I'm wrong).

    In case of icecast it's not so simple because You have implicit login with "source". There is a by-pass available. Configur the show with custom auth. Set user "source" and then pass. It should work but still only during the show.

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  • I am in the same boat as these folks. There is no clear concise instructions on how to connect as a live DJ. Both from a DJ standpoint and as an administrator configuring the server. Can anyone shed some light on the subject?
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    liquidsoap  take place of icecast/shoutcast for yours pushed streams (master source and show source)

    you must configure yours dj applications (like mixxx, edcast, nescast, etc) with the values entered into system/stream

    the port can't be the same than your icecast/shoutcast port

    that's all folks ;)
  • what darkice parameter should be set to satisfy the DJ name/password authentication constraint?  All I want to do is connect a plain old mixing board through an ALSA input.
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    that's not exactly the same thing.
    yours soundcard and airtime are on the same machine ?
    if yes, you only need to configure airtime System/Streams/Globals Settings

    if not

    on the same menu, fill master or show source informations and use it in darkice
    All this is really well explain on the airtime manual...