Airtime 2.1.0 RC2
  • Since the release date was pushed back to June 5th we've decided to release an RC2.

    Tar ball:

    Debian package:

    This version brings in a small fix to the upgrade script, as well as a rare bug in the full install script on Ubuntu 10.04. Also it fixes uninstall not removing all symlinks properly. 

    As always, we look forward to comments and feedback. 

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  • Just installed Airtime 2.1.0-rc2 on an Ubuntu 12.04 Desktop Virtual Machine and the recorded shows are imported without a name, just a date, ie:


    Also I'm not sure the automatic upload to Soundcloud is getting through... Internet connection is good and I can upload similar size files via the library. If I click the recorded show in the calendar view, I don't get an option to upload either, just a line. See the attached screenshot

  • Ah there's an error here in the show-recorder log:

    2012-05-31 08:35:00,042 INFO - [ : record_show() : line 80] - command ecasound -f:16,2,44100 -i alsa -o /var/tmp/airtime/show-recorder/2012-05-31-08:35:00.mp3,256000 -t:300.0
    2012-05-31 08:41:13,684 INFO - [ : record_show() : line 88] - finishing record, return code 0
    2012-05-31 08:41:13,685 INFO - [ : run() : line 156] - Preparing to upload /var/tmp/airtime/show-recorder/2012-05-31-08:35:00.mp3
    2012-05-31 08:41:13,685 INFO - [ : set_metadata_and_save() : line 129] - time: 08-35-00
    2012-05-31 08:41:13,745 ERROR - [ : set_metadata_and_save() : line 147] - Exception: "'record_date' is not a valid key"
    2012-05-31 08:41:13,745 ERROR - [ : set_metadata_and_save() : line 148] - traceback: Traceback (most recent call last):
      File "/usr/lib/airtime/pypo/bin/", line 138, in set_metadata_and_save
        recorded_file['record_date'] = md[0]
      File "/usr/lib/airtime/airtime_virtualenv/local/lib/python2.7/site-packages/mutagen/", line 96, in __setitem__
        self.tags[key] = value
      File "/usr/lib/airtime/airtime_virtualenv/local/lib/python2.7/site-packages/mutagen/", line 191, in __setitem__
        raise EasyID3KeyError("%r is not a valid key" % key)
    EasyID3KeyError: "'record_date' is not a valid key"

    2012-05-31 08:41:13,796 DEBUG - [ : upload_recorded_show() : line 341] - http://localhost:80/api/upload-file/format/json/api_key/%%api_key%%
    2012-05-31 08:41:13,796 DEBUG - [ : upload_recorded_show() : line 345] - Upload attempt: 1
    2012-05-31 08:41:14,179 INFO - [ : upload_recorded_show() : line 351] - uploaded show result []

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    Hey, thanks for this catch, I know about something that was changed that will be the cause of this... will look into this soon.
  • We'll give this one a try
    Doing the debian install instead of the "old fashioned" way
    Cross your fingers
  • This was fixed for the final 2.1.0 release.
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  • It's been up and running since Friday and no real issues...

    The one thing that does seem to happen is the jquery script will seize up in firefox 12 and then recover after several seconds

    An annoyance but overall this has been the most stable and functional RC to date
  • It took almost a week and I managed to break RC2

    We had a partial database corruption so part of the files in play lists show as offline but they are still there on the source NAS

    The odd error is as follows from the media-monitor.log prior to the box crashing

    ERROR - [Thread #4] [ : get_md_from_file()] : LINE 135 - Exception can't sync to an MPEG frame

    INFO - [Thread #3] [ : process_file_events()] : LINE 19 - received event {'is_recorded_show': False, 'mode': 'create', 'filepath': u'/home/files/track1.mp3'}

  • We removed the offending watch folder in

    system>>media folders>>manage media folders

    and added it back

    For the first time the import began running after doing that

    We will see if the files that are considered offline by the database are toggled to "online" after the import completes

    Still not an overall solution but at least we can now try to duplicate the problem and see what caused the crash and subsequent database corruption
  • RC2 no longer is broadcasting content from scheduled playlist

    It shows "on air" but that's it

    I needed to bump the box to get it to play again

    -- Your installation of Airtime looks OK!
    Airtime root folder found at /usr/share/airtime
    Updating /usr/share/airtime/application/configs/application.ini
    Updating /usr/share/airtime/build/
    Updating /usr/share/airtime/build/runtime-conf.xml
    Restarting Airtime Playout: Done.
    Restarting Airtime Media Monitor: Done.
    Restarting icecast2: Starting icecast2
    Detaching from the console

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  • well all the files that were "gone" from the database are now back and functioning after removing and adding back the watch folder

    Any suggestions as to what caused the crash based upon the error log info?
  • Reply to @Bob+Zurunclε:

    When you say corrupt database you mean files are missing from your library?

    The way we treat network drives in 2.1 is as follows. Because we cannot be sure that the file was deleted or the network drive simply went offline, we keep the file entry in the database but mark it as hidden. Later if the file magically reappears, your playlists are still intact because the file was never removed from the database.

    We will add the ability to iterate through all "hidden" files in your database and verify if they exist or not. We'll also look into how we can support network drives better.

    As for your system setup, are you aware of the network drive going offline prior to the files being marked as unavailable?
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  • Good Morning:

    In looking at the logs for the NAS all seems ok

    The server running Airtime borked and needed to be rebooted and , as a result, some of the files in the database showed offline.

    Removing and adding back the watch folder triggered a rescan so all is ok now

    Equally importantly the play lists are still intact

  • I think I know what's happening here. Probably on reboot Airtime media-monitor starts before your network drive is mounted, and as a result it disables many files in your database from appearing in the Web UI.

    What software is used to mount your network drive?
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  • mounting the drives on boot via fstab
  • Thanks!
    Frankly, other than that hiccup and the issue with the jquery timing out, all is still doing quite well

    At least we did not lose the play lists and was able to re-populate the database by triggering another file import
  • I broke RC2 again
    This seemed to occur when editing content (deleting tracks) while a show is in progress using the "now playing" window and the station went "off the air"

    From the error log in icecast2
    [2012-06-14  15:16:06] INFO admin/admin_handle_request Received admin command metadata on mount "/airtime_128"
    [2012-06-14  15:16:06] INFO util/util_conv_string converting metadata from UTF-8 to ISO8859-1
    [2012-06-14  15:16:06] INFO admin/command_metadata Metadata on mountpoint /airtime_128 changed to "Airtime - offline"

    This is the only error from the timeframe

    Are there any other logs I should check in addition to

    sudo tail --lines=50 /var/log/apache2/error.log
    sudo tail --lines=50 /var/log/airtime/media-monitor/media-monitor.log
    sudo tail --lines=50 /var/log/airtime/zendphp.log
    sudo tail --lines=50 /var/log/icecast2/error.log
    sudo tail --lines=50 /var/log/icecast/icecast.log

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  • Hey,

    Please upgrade to 2.1.1. It should solve any issues you have with playback.
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  • Is the database the same?

  • Yes, the database for 2.1.1 is the same as RC2.
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  • Is there going to be a deb package and support via Synaptic package manager for 2.1.1?

    I can install either way but at some point I want to get a little lazy ;)

  • Also I noticed a couple errors on the db restore

    psql:airtime-backup.full1:15: ERROR:  role "airtime" already exists
    psql:airtime-backup.full1:17: ERROR:  role "postgres" already exists

    This shouldn't cause me any trouble, correct?

  • Done the 2.1.1 install and restored the database and all seems stable so far

    We will advise as things progress

    Thank You