What are the guidelines for how the title page and copyright page should be formatted?
  • I've just started my first booktype project a few days ago. So far everything looks great. I like how the chapters are laid out and the ability to create good consistency in how everything looks throughout the text. There are two things that I haven't figured out yet (I'm probably just being stupid):
    1. How do I create and format a title page?
    2. How do I create and format a copyright page?

    Before discovering booktype I had started looking at Lulu's guide for creating epub files from ODT files. It was very specific as to how they wanted both the title page and the copyright page. Is it necessary to be that specific or can I just create a chapter called "title page" and another chapter called "copyright" and insert the information there?

    Sorry for being a newb.

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    I would just add them as normal chapters for now. Its not an ideal solution however. If you wanted to you could add it as a feature request through the issue tracker:

    I know there are others that would support this development.
  • hello;

    my name is Randall Johnson and i have published over 200 books, i still just go to my bookshelf and pull out a book from a big publisher that I know does it right and copy there format. i have also found some other things like restricting coping and other such things that i like and I have used that. i know this sound simple but most publishers page look the similar, and i don't believe thre is a correct way. just make sure you change all the data so it has your name, your isbn number and the rest.

    All it really needs is your basic information, the proper book title the year the claim of copyright ISBN number and if you registered it with the Library of Congress (optional) you would list that to.

    As a publisher you can pretty much do it the way you want as long as you have the information on it.

    Hope this helps.
  • Wow just read my comment (boy does it need a good editing and proofing) need to learn to spell as well. sorry for that.
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    Hi Randall, we have a ticket open for creating the front matter automatically from the book metadata:


    Currently, when exporting a book format PDF from Booktype, you only get a basic title page on page 1 and a very simple page with the publication date and copyright licence on page 2.

    In the meantime, you can create front matter pages in Inkscape, export them as PDF, then use pdfsam to insert the front matter into the main Booktype PDF.