• Hi Sourcefabric,

    First of all a big thank you on creating awesome tools / products - even that opensource !!

    I am eagerly waiting for Superdesk release (beta / final) - Will love to test it out too.

    I am fairly okay with linux command line / apache / mysql but get stuck with django :-)

    a) Is superdesk based on php/mysql/apache or will it be django,postgres etc ? (I wish / hope it is apache,php,mysql) as it is much more easier to setup for people like me :-)

    b) I am also inclined to use this for our english news and hindi / urdu news rooms, is it possible with superdesk to have urdu/hindi language support / typing and creating items ?

    Will look forward to your reply
    Thanks !!
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  • Superdesk is built on Python and Javascript. Despite this, it will be easier to install than the current Newscoop so no need to worry about this. Dependencies will be minimal for the small sites version.

    Regarding localization anybody will be able to localize the application in whatever language.

  • Please assist me, for the past two weeks i have been trying to get a hold of the GEN live desk down load or code .. and i cant trace anywea in the net. please help
  • Hi Esther,

    GEN Live Desk will be a fully hosted SaaS service based around the open source Live Desk code.

    To install that Live Desk code, please visit this page on the Superdesk wiki.

    That should have all you need to get started - Live Desk is the first plugin for the larger Superdesk framework. More plugins and components to follow!
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    Well done!
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