Newscoop 4.0 and Comments
  • How comments work in newscoop 4.0?
    I tried to add {{comment_form}} but nothing happens.
    I am not sure if list_article_comments works in 4.0 because I can't add comments :) 

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  • Please make sure that the publication allows comments, the article itself has comments switched on and the article type also must also have the comments switched on.
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    this might have to do with the improvements that happened with "tageswoche". i have no 4.0 version running yet. but i remember that comments was expanded to also allow user feedback. just out of curiosity, try to add {{ omnibox }} in the code and see what happens.

    you can see the omnibox in action here: by clicking on the green triangle top left.
  • enabling comments in publication and article type did the trick. Thanks!

    Micz, where can I find more info about {{omnibox}}?
    I will need to create content submission form and I see that omnibox has this functionality.

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    omnibox - i know the concept. but for the technology, you would have to speak with holman or mugur. i have only seen it in action and been part of its birth process (which had many many parents :)
  • Hey, that works pretty simple. All you need to do is to enable comments (as you already did) and then place the {{ omnibox }} tag in your templates. Let us know if it's that straight forward, it should be  :-)

  • Yes and it works but i need only "submit content" form to appear after clicking on certain button, which looks differently from this one generated by omnibox by default. Is there any event in javascript to open the omnibox?