No metadata - m3u xspf doesn't work
  • Hey, I posted a thread yesterday, but I don't think it made it to the forum 0.o

    Anyway, I'm rather new to airtime/icecast. I was able to get 90% working. The live stream works just fine, but trying to use m3u or xspf fails. It simply won't load the stream.

    Also, there is absolutely no metadata being passed whatsoever. I've tried winamp, vlc, media player, and several browser players to no avail. The information shows up properly inside of airtime, but the player just lists "unknown."

    You can see the stream at

    I have changed the host to the proper address and restarted both services, but that didn't seem to work either. 
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  • Hi,

    We don't support those playlist formats. You need to make your own for now using the AIrtime interface. Supporting m3u/xspf is an interesting idea however....we'd have to gracefully take care of the situation where you upload the playlist and the songs don't exist.

    Create a ticket at and it will be considered for a future release.
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  • Ah, durn. What about the metadata issue? I do recall reading that something was broken with metadata and a fix was planned. Should it basically work out of the box or did I miss a config file somewhere?
  • Yes please look into /etc/airtime/liquidsoap.cfg

    You will see a setting there to enable it. After you've made the change restart airtime-playout by using "sudo service airtime-playout restart"

    It is disabled by default because various clients have trouble with OGG and metadata. 
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  • Thanks, that helps a lot :D
  • Very cool. Thanks for this one Martin! 

    Only issue I see is it's displaying the playlist name and not the individual track names. I actually like this better personally, but our licensing host is asking for track titles on playout.

    Any thoughts?