rabbitmq-server starting.... TIMEOUT
  • Hi all,

    I've been trying to install Airtime on Debian 6.0 x86 since 3 days ago.

    The process seems to go: but stops with "rabbitmq-server starting:"...
    After that nothing happens.

    I tried to understand why. all dependencies looks to be ok but.. no way.

    Be aware that I'm working always as "root".

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    on debian you must change the config file from rabbitmq-server (/etc/rabbitmq/ )

    you can find more informations in the airtime manual

    In Debian 6.0 (Squeez e) the rabbitmq-server daemon does not start automatically after a reboot. T his should be fixed before
    installing Airtime, to prevent problems at playout time. If the rabbitmq-server package was installed before the last reboot, you
    will need to run:
    # invo ke -rc.d ra b b itm q -s e rve r s ta rt
    as the root user before the installation of Airtime. If it is not already installed, run the following command as root:
    # a p t-ge t ins ta l l ra b b itm q -s e rve r
    After a fresh installation, rabbitmq-server will start automatically, so there is no need to run the invoke-rc.d command
    mentioned above.
    In either case, you should then edit lines 13 and 14 of the file /etc/init.d/rabbitmq-server (as root) to show:
    # D e fa u l t-S ta rt: 2 3 4 5
    # D e fa u l t-S to p : 0 1 6
    and then run the command (as root):
    # u p d a te -rc.d ra b b itm q -s e rve r d e fa u l ts
    T his should make sure that rabbitmq-server starts after the next reboot.
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  • I'm not aware of any special steps needed to run Airtime on Debian. I use Debian Squeeze as my dev machine, and it runs without any problems.

    It looks like rabbitmq-server is trying to start, but having trouble doing so. Please post the logs from /var/log/rabbitmq. There is a file there named "startup_err".

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    Hi Dario,

    RabbitMQ requires a fixed and resolvable hostname (see http://www.rabbitmq.com/ec2.html#issues-hostname) which is normal for a server. For a desktop or laptop machine where the hostname changes frequently or is not resolvable, this issue may prevent RabbitMQ from starting.

    When using a desktop or laptop computer with a dynamic IP address, such as an address obtained from a wireless network, the rabbitmq-server daemon must not start up before the NetworkManager service.
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  • I suppose this is my problem.

    I bought a VPS but I didn't indicate a true domain name. So I use the server IP as hostname.

  • I suppose this is my problem.

    I bought a VPS but I didn't indicate a true domain name. So I use the server IP as hostname.

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    I had problems installing rabbit, when i introdude the local ip and the fqdn in /etc/hosts the problem finished.