• Hi!
    I am tech leader of Polish Youth Radio We are successful using in our radio Airtime with few custom modification which ale mainly oriented in live streaming.

    Some description about project:
    The project's participants are a group of young, creative people from Poland, consisting of hobby-journalists, programmers, promoters and organisers. The subject of the project is a regional Internet radio. We create the open form, without participation criteria; it is enough that each person wants to work in the team in the estabilished rules. We activate the youth, help them in the developing of their talents and passions. Our target is to enrich and facilitate citizens' lives. Our radio have portal -, forum, live chat, community pages, e-mails, through which the listeners can be able to co-produce the programmes. Thanks to the great popularity of the Internet we are able to reach a wide group of receivers.
    We want to shape the consciousness of European citizenship and develop the intercultural tolerance by presenting other countries traditions, linguistic programmes, education about other EU countries. The radio provides opportunity of practical information distribution, eg. about cultural events, actions, matches; also about job market. We want to to deal with current problems regarding our region. The air time is filled with music and our programmes, talks and reportages. The activation of youth (both participating and benefiting), our work will result in the development of passions and collecting experience useful in future work.
    Our activities break the stereotype of unprospective, unambitionous young people.

    Our radio station is working from 1st July 2011r.
    We are using:
    - 3x Behringer C1 with home-made stand (from desk lamp stand) and popfilters Smile
    - Mixing Console Yamaha MG124C
    - Sound Interface Maya44 USB (we have got problem with driver on Linux Sad) there is probably problem with DC on input, if anyone can help please contact me!
    - 4x Headphones Sennheiser HD201
    - 2x OLYMPUS WS-400S with Vivanco EM55 microphone
    - Two computers, one server 8mb/s uplink, one PC

    - Ubuntu on PC and server edition on server
    - Audacity (to record shows) anyone know something better?
    - Interent DJ Console to stream Live Shows
    - Skype to stream Live Event
    - EasyTag
    - Google Apps (Calendar, Mail)
    and some more apps.

    We are working on:
    - App for mobile Live Streaming (like XiiaLive on Android)
    - Webplayer with metatags support
    - generally on website (becasue is poor) we are looking for CSS,jQuery,php developers and designers
    - better studio appeasement

    - TV program about our radio in main Polish TV station - TVP2 (I will upload screenshot when airtime is on screen Wink)
    - a lot of workshop organized by our radio
    - big respect from citizenship
    - daily radio program Wink
    and more.

    So! If anyone can help us, please write
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    Wow man! So exciting - I can't wait for our ReporterLabs event in January Smile

    Kudos from me. Let us know how we can make better tools for you!
  • Fantastic! Can we add you to our Who's Using section on Do you have a logo you could attach here?

    Best, Adam
  • Ow course yes!
    That will be great! Logo in attache.
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  • Great - thanks!
  • Hi! I attached screenshot from TVP 2. When We will see Bieszczady.FM in Who is using Airtime?
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    960 x 540 - 102K
  • Very soon!
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    @krzakx - pictures look awesome. Big thx!
  • haha! Nice! Very Nice!
    But please! Take off my picture from please put there our logo.
    I attached one more time, in PNG format and in SVG too.

    One more think out town is Sanok in county Podkarpacie in Poland ;),  so please change it.
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