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  • Hey,
    I am currently running Airtime 1.9.4 on a Debian Squeeze box, everything works great except for the watch folders. Currently i am watching a folder with many thousand mp3 files, a majority of these are mp3s. airtime is finding about 20% of what it should be finding. many of the MP3s it is not finding i can navigate to my self, and they are not buried in sub folders.
    So my question is, is there a way to force airtime to update this folder with out re-installing?
    I have tried using,
    sudo service airtime-media-monitor restart
    sudo service airtime-media-monitor stop
    sudo service airtime-media-monitor start

    which i know just stops and starts the services doesn't initiate a scan.
    What i am really looking for is a way to dump the currently indexed files, and force it to start looking from scratch. if there is such a command, or a text file i can edit, i would love to learn.

    so some more info for you i went to one of the log files for the media monitor at
    nano /var/log/airtime/media-monitor/media-monitor.log

    all of the files (well as many as i care to look at have this for the log on there import
    During an edit i replaced this with a file to make it neater media-monitorAbridged.txt was a .log until i formated it for legibility

    I think what happened after reviewing this is, one of the people in charge of managing this media ran a sorter that removed the metadata, so airtime cant tell what the files are. I do not know how to fix this easily yet. we will see if there is a short fix and i will get back to you.

    Beware of this in-case you decide to sort your media, verify that the meta data remains after sort.

    We are updating all of the meta data, i still need to find out how to force airtime to update, it is not finding any changes yet. but all of the other program do.

    Problem solved, there was permissions on our network server that caused updating issues, and when the permissions were fix airtime found all of the files nicely. (after reading the metadata)

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    To make airtime re-index a watched directory, simply remove the watched
    directory and add it again. Please let us know if this works for you. If
    not, please send us one of the files that doesnt work.

    - Paul

  • First off my watch folders are Network Attached Storage (NAS) folders, The problem i was having for this post was that the storage devices was not granting privileged to read meta data to the airtime server.

    i have Fixed that, however the major issue happens when we have a power outage, and airtime boots faster than the NAS. if that happens, airtime thinks that the folder on the NAS has been deleted and starts removing that data from the library, the only way i have found to fix this is either re-install( not a real alternative that caused this problem) to mount the data in a new directory. so currently i have the NAS mounted 2 times no the box, when the power goes out i have to switch between the mounts to get airtime to see the data on the computer.

    It is a work around, not a fix. But it works.

    problems with this method of fixing: all playlist deleted, if computer boots on its own, everything that was deleted has to be re -indexed (causes about 5 hours of down time)

    Work Arounds:
    Ability to back up playlist
    Ability to dump all previous information that airtime "Thinks it knows" about a mount (IE delete history to force a re-indexing)

    Ticket out for fix: this may fix my problem, but it is 3 months or more out.
  • Hi Camerin,

    Just wondering: Do you get a lot of power cuts where you are? We've had to deal with them in various developing countries.

    Assuming you've got your storage in order, the graceful resumption of playlists to where they should be (i.e. Airtime checks to see what the current time is and where the playback head should be at that time) is something in the current release.
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    Find a way or make one.
  • Hey,
    My hosting is currently at a fraternity, this fraternity has been overloading their circuit breakers during some of the weekend parties, and we experience outages occasionally (much more regularly than the rest of the US) we are having an additional circuit run to prevent outages in the future, but for now i just have to fix the problems as they come.


    P.S. I have a ups installed on the NAS, so it is only during prolonged outages that we have problesm
  • Good Afternoon:

    We're having a similar problem with the watch folder keeping updated

    Everything is stored on a NAS

    We tried the removing the watch directory as suggested and that nuked all of our playlists

    Is there a way to "force" a rescan of the mounted watch folders?

    We're running ver 2.0.2 on Ubuntu 11.04

  • Unfortunately the only way currently to force a rescan is to remove the watched directory and re-add it. Why were you having troubles keeping files in sync? Was the network drive mounted read-only? Were the permissions set so that the files and their parent directories were world readable?
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  • Why were you having troubles keeping files in sync?  When we add files to the NAS, they only sometimes get updated

    Was the network
    drive mounted read-only
    ? No - Read/Write

    Were the permissions set so that the files and
    their parent directories were world readable?
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  • Ok I just remembered that we can't automatically detect changes on network drives...there's no built in notification system if a write happens remotely (we use inotify).

    However, If you write to your network drive from the same machine that Airtime is hosted on, then Airtime will automatically detect the file.

    Please file a bug on should probably add a rescan button for your case.
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  • Interesting...

    We have multiple boxes on the network and drag stuff from them

    I'll try uploading from the local machine hosting airtime

    A reload/rescan button or utility would be AWESOME
  • Look forward to that feature addition