Blank Detection
  • We been tweaking the liquidsoap on our streaming server to sort out blanks etc. Where currently satisfied with the script where running there. It uses s = skip_blank(length=2.,s) which works like a charm and skips to the next song when the song has to mutch blank.

    Now we tried to incorperate that into airtime, becuase we noticed to mutch blanks there as well. So we added the same to the liquidsoap script, which goes wel for a while. After a few skips the whole thing goes haywire though.

    Songs displayed in Airtime are not the ones currently playing, and after some skips airtime stops playing totally for some time. The biggest question, is ther ea way to implement the blank detection or am i doing that at the wrong point ? Is there a way to make it more likable for airtime ?

    Jeroen ( Radio A6 )