Widget trouble ( Fix included )
  • Dear Airtimees,

    Im verry happy with the new version of airtime again loads of functionality and workflow fixes as well as the bug fixes.

    The only thing im having trouble with atm is the widgets used with airtime ( i know there not officially supported ) but i was wondering two things.

    The now and later play box for the site grows with each program added in a day ( and night ) so when we have our whole day scheduled out there 24 items in the list ( we schedule per hour ). Is there a way to make the script known i want only 3 items displayed ( or any number needed )

    Second i love the weekly schedule, its shows the whole week, but the problem with it is, that when its wednesday and you click on monday, it shows the schedule for the monday that week, but it should show it for next monday because the shows for last monday will not be played again.

    So mutch for now, keep up the good work !

    Cheers Radio A6

    and for all the dutchies out there : we will go live on 3 okt 20:00 on www.radio-a6.nl
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    thanks for cool message! I am the Community Manager and just wanted to pop up and say both Hi and Thanks!

    Our developers will get on your case soon!

  • Hi!

    Currently there is no way to limit the number of shows. This is something we can do in the future however. Also, you are right about it only showing the previous Monday instead of the next Monday. Please file tickets on dev.sourcefabric.org

    Airtime Pro Hosting: http://airtime.pro
  • FIXED limit shows in list ( also summited on the ticket )

    fix for this:

    in the script part i added the line with showlimit

        $(document).ready(function() {
                sourceDomain: "http://airtime-dev.sourcefabric.org",
                text: {onAirToday:"On air today"},
                updatePeriod: 5, //seconds
                showlimit: 5 //Added by Radio A6 to limit shown shows. By changing this value you can make the list longer or shorter
    <div id="onAirToday"></div>

    in the jquery.showinfo.js:

     var defaults = {
            updatePeriod: 20, //seconds
            sourceDomain: "http://localhost/", //where to get show status from
            text: {onAirToday:"On air today"},
            showlimit :5 //Added by Radio A6 to limit shown shows.

    and on line 41

    for (var i=0; i<shows.length; i++){

    changed to:
    for (var i=0; i<options.showlimit; i++){

    A further addition ( inserted on line 43 below var shows=currentShow.concat(nextShows); )
     if (shows.length < options.showlimit){
                    options.showlimit = shows.length;

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    Thanks! Very much appreciated, that will go into the next version.