Policy on automatic changes to .htaccess file during upgrades?
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    Hi devs,

    In order to update the Journalists and Editors book for Newscoop 3.6, I
    am upgrading my local 3.6.0-BETA4 server to 3.6.0-RC1.

    The UPGRADE.txt file says:

    The reason why this is not performed during automatic upgrade is because
    almost every Newscoop installation is on a custom configuration and has
    a modified .htaccess file. Therefore, it's not a good idea to
    automatically modify the file.

    But further down, under Troubleshooting, it says:

    For this to be fixed, the .htaccess file must be upgraded. The automatic
    upgrade script tries to modify the file for you

    So is it our policy to automatically upgrade the .htaccess file for 3.6
    upgrades or not? I can think of good reasons for either choice :-)

    Perhaps an improvement would be to make an automatically upgradable
    section of the file with a comment like 'do not adjust these settings
    manually, they may be overwritten on upgrade', and then another section
    with a comment like 'put your local settings here'.