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Feature Idea : stream from the cloud
  • Hi !

    Im building up a webradio and i was digging into webradio managers.. and i found AirTime which seams very cool !

    Im now trying to plug web streams from websites (via http) to my webradio : how cool it would be to program songs from the whole web (soundcloud, youtube, ...) directly into the webradio !

    My first idea was to plug audio from web browser to mpd, using Jack (the audio routing sofware). Then i just have to call my url in the browser with auto play argument like for example :

    but the real goal would be to create a list of url as a playlist and then manage it like classic mp3 playlist into a advanced webradio managment system like AirTime (which is in charge of shuffling, programming, include jingles, ...).

    Two solutions :

    The first would be to create a website-relay, charged to manage my url playlist, and play songs into the browser, and then route it to AirTime as live input from external source... but i can not mix mp3 and webstreams, and i can not manage webstreams into AirTime

    The second solution : this description turned you into a deep reflexion which turned suddendly into a brillant idea and some cool advices like : "hey, just do like that !"

    if you got any piece of advice to help me dig in there, it would be very nice !

    By the way, i got couple programming skills in php, js, .. and i just created a little company in Lyon (France) with a friend, company called ... AirLab ! (we didn't know you before today Wink
    It's the very beggining but our goal is to develop open-source web-based applications and ERP, easy-to-update-for-everybody websites, etc...

    If you need any external help (free or not), it would be a pleasure !

    Hope to read you soon Smile

    Thanks !

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    We welcome any help - especially with webstream relay. Smile