RSS/Atom Program Schedule Feed For Airtime 2.5.x [Released]
  • Why?
    1. When you have RSS feeds: it really easy to Auto-Tweet, FB Post, Pin Interest, Google Plus,  (yada yada)  your schedules using standard tools.
    2. Huge numbers of listeners consume RSS feeds. Your schedule straight into Outlook, Google News and many more.
    • Non-intrusive. Absolutely NO Airtime code changes. Period.
    • Only one setting - update frequency and it still works even if you don't set that!
    • Mode 1 - Station Timezone - It just works.
    • Mode 2 - UTC. If The station timezone is set to UTC it assumes International Operation and gives schedule in various Time Zones - see pic.
    • Final program version will be in usr/shared/rss_feed/ with a feed.xml in airtime/public for security - and updated from a cron job.
    • Cached for minimal system impact.
    See It Live HERE
    Please click image for a better view.

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  • The Zip file for this is attached to this post, below.

    What it does.

    • When called, periodlically, from a cron job - it creates and updates an Atom/RSS 2.0 feed, of your program schedule, with this url:
    • It is therefore self-caching and has low system impact.
    • The feed validates here
    Installation Instructions
    1. All the required system and domain settings are automatically retrieved from the Airtime database
    2. This add-in requires the PHP CLI Module to be installed (it normally is).
    3. This does NOT modify any part of the Airtime 2.5.x code at all.
    4. Create this directory: /usr/share/airtime/public/rss_feed
    5. FTP the contents of the zip INCLUDING the .htaccess into : /usr/share/airtime/public/rss_feed
    6. Using Putty/bash: chown www-data:www-data /usr/share/airtime/public/rss_feed
    7. The rss_logo.png maybe changed for your station logo.
    8. Create a cron job that executes the following command every (say) 8 hours.
               cron php /usr/share/airtime/public/rss_feed/make_feed.php?hourstoget=8
    • The 'hourstoget' parameter contains the feed update interval in hours.  and MUST match the hourly interval of the cron job or you will get unpredictable results.
    • Usage is then automatic but may be manually run by putting the following url in a browser: THIS IS UN-CACHED. Do not use this link for distribution! Use the feed.xml for public use!
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  • UPDATED VERSION ATTACHED (slight layout changes)

    As I side effect of submitting my feed - I gained another 64 inbound links in the first 12 hours
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  • I am seriously thinking of making a preconfigured x64 & Armh Airtime+ Lubuntu & Headless Distros.

    Install the image and run Airtime, Mixxx and the best of the hacks - right out of the box. Job Done.
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    IMHO it's time to implement this for one of the next versions.
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  • Great "plugin". Just I didn't figure out how to add image to the show.
  • @ Dalibor Sojic 

    You must Set Split URL in Airtime under URL in Plan.

    Example URL 

  • The script is not working for me.
    When I try to runit the php giveme that: 


    This page contains the following errors:

    error on line 10 at column 50: Entity 'oacute' not defined

    Below is a rendering of the page up to the first error.


    (The demo is also down, but with another error: )
    I tried to find the error and oacute variable, but I couldn't.

  • oacute =  ó I guess. A special character in your feed Ó ó
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  • I think so, but I don't have any special character, I searched oacute, &oacute, ó.... I will try to editing the schedule

    Thanks John
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  • What is the rss feedurl please? I will have a look in there?
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    I tried to change the url from the php script, but it didn't work
  • <link></link>
    <description>Disfruta de la musica electr&oacute;nica!</description>
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  • Oh, sorry, I edited and now works!

    A lot of thanks John!
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    I want to see this feature on the 2.5.2 :D !!!