Changing default alsa output device
  • Hi there...

    Airtime, by default, uses the default ALSA hardware output to play its content with liquidsoap.

    I've created a pcm plugin device (pcm.compressed) which goes through several LADSPA plugins so I have an enhanced sound output.

    How can I tell Airtime my output device is pcm.compressed instead of default?

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  • Okay two things here

    You do not have to do any special configuration to Alsa.(those are old school).

    Alsa now can be configure to be any card you want it to be .

    In my main Machine I am using a 2496 as the main sound card,I do not use the other card.

    In My playout machine I have 4 cards.

    My Mixer board ( configured as default)
    internal Soundcard as monitor and for default application,like webbrowser
    Turtle beach usb as Preview (headphone)
    Generic card,Not used now (Oh  I use it For recording)

    Search Gentoo wiki and Alsa websites for any configuration you want


    LADSPA plugins are not compiled with the version of Liquidsoap the sourcefabric airtime uses and any such use would mean you have to compile Liquidsoap manually,so anyone thinking of this should note that

    There is so much advantage of using another machine for processing that I do not see why people go this route,when relying on one machine can be so disadvantageous.

    Some of these compression Idea means

    - for liquidsoap you have to tweak it once and set it and forget it.You would have to restart for changes (There is no GUI for it)
    - Sound processing requires plenty of CPU power and RAM
    - for server environment this is not practical (No Monitor Attached)

    So here is a recommendation for all those who dear to venture here

    Look at the many processing tools like liquidsoap ,stereotools,ardour etc place on a separate machine and tweak there.

    God Be with you (or whoever you see your higher power or force to be)
    Good Luck


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