• Hello...

    If I select language=español (spanish, or another language but NOT ENGLISH -- the default), and I crate a Edition --> a Section -> an Article , when I click in "preview" (vista previa), I see a BLANK PAGE. 
    I used ROCKSTAR theme the first time. And now I use Tommy... and it doesn't work in both.
    Of course I select the theme for de publication.

    If I select ENGLISH, it works OK.

    Why? What must I do?

    I appreciate the response.

    My best for you
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  • Hi Rolfo,

    you will need to go to your theme's root folder (in Newscoop instance it will be somethnig like /themes/publication_1/theme_1/) and then in folder /_conf create file Spanish.conf. Just create the copy of English.conf and then inside new file you can do template strings translations.
    Ljuba Rankovic
    Senior Front End Developer, Sourcefabric
  • Hi,,,
    I think I made the question very bad.
    My problem is not the translation of the words (that of couse don't work for now antil I translate it).

    The problem is that when I create a publication in "español" (es) i.e., and a edition in "español" (es), and then a section and some articles, when I click in "preview" or I acces the page fron another navegator, I don't see nothing. No english page , no spanish page, no sections, no articles, NOTHING. 

    When I inspect the source of the page , I see and "empty page".

    I think I must copy or change some PHP code, or copy to another folder or something else... but I don't know how, what, and where. I don't know the tree of the source code of newscoop...
    It seems like some code is lost or don't found. 

    I need the program in a short time, and if I can't make this work, I must change the program to Wordpress, and I don't want it... but... that's the true.

    Perhaps someone of the team of Newscoop can tell me what to do.
    TK for your answer It's useful for the translation.

    Best for you

  • Hi,

    Newscoop naturally supports multi-publication structure and also multi-linguality, so you don't need to do anything about the system files. It has to be something about the assigned theme, publication domain and aliases, publishing issues. 

    If you can provide access to the backend of the site and send it to, I can check what causes the problems.
    Ljuba Rankovic
    Senior Front End Developer, Sourcefabric