Cannot install Newscoop 4.0
  • Hi guys,
    Thanks to Adam for the quick reply about login issues.
    I am really interested in using Newscoop for my website, instead of Wordpress. It ticks all the right boxes for what I am doing.
    Can you help me to install this software on my website?
    I have followed the Sourcefabric Wiki to install, and because I am using Mac OSX, I had to install MAMP software, and everything was fine, the installation ran perfectly, but when I get to the database connection step, the software cannot connect to the databse I created in my website for Newscoop, despite filling all the boxes with the right data in that step. Is there anything that I have not done properly?

    I would be glad to get some help with this issues.
    Thanks guys. Keep up
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    i would be really interested to hear a little more about "using Newscoop for my website, instead of Wordpress. It ticks all the right boxes for what I am doing". could you write this up in a few bullet points? we would like to quote you on this. what are the features that tipped you towards Newscoop?

    having said this, i can not help you much with OSX :) i am a linux guy. are you running OSX as a server?

    however, since i am very interested to hear more, i will do my best to find someone to help you get it up and running. and since you are an OSX user, i assume you will develop a beautiful theme for your Newscoop install. curious to see more.

    all the best, micz
  • Thanks for the reply Micz, here's why I think Newscoop is better:

    Why use Newscoop instead of Wordpress as a CMS?
    - Better management of authors/editors.
    - Intuitive and professional user interface.
    - Multilingual out-of-the-box
    - Premium/Free subsriptions. (my favourite feature)
    - Allows for much more organised content.
    That's just few of what I like about Newscoop :)

    And many thanks for helping Micz, would be glad to see someone with OSX experience to help on the issue.
    I will try the ZEN theme for a start, but not for long. I will develop my own theme for the website and will post it on the Sourcefabric theme contest.
    I am just running Mac OSX not the Server.
  • Hello,

    Have you checked the port MAMP opened MySQL on is the same as you've set in the installation process?
    You can check some basic info about MAMP on your system here http://localhost/MAMP/
  • I will check that in MAMP and update you, thanks a lot Mihai.
    Although in the Wiki it said to only check that both green indicators are on and that's it.

  • nice one guys, I successfully installed Newscoop on my local server, and everything was working properly :D thanks to Mihai for pointing out the MAMP settings :)
    So how do I transfer it to my website?
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    Where do you want to transfer it? Your hosting?
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    hi mazen,

    i haven't tried the 4.0 myself yet. however, there should be the same process in place that worked on the 3.x versions: import / export - which will migrate the entire installation:
    have a try and tell us if and how it works.

    thanks, micz
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  • @Jakub yes I want to transfer it to a shared hosting.

    @Micz I watched all your screencasts, and when I contacted the hoster of my website, they said that the SSH you use on your screencasts is for servers and not for websites. I don't know how to do this.

    Couldn't install Newscoop 4.0 or 3.5 on my website, you could have made the installation much easier by making the users transfer all files via FTP and run the installation from the website directly. I suppose your way is more secure, since all files are PHP, meaning there could be security loopholes.

    Is there anyway (with the assistance of my hosting provider) that I could install this? Since he said he doesn't have experience with installing scripts in such way.

    Thanks again guys :)