Re: Need design: CS-814 Ability to select template at install time
  • Hi Pavol,

    are there similar pages like this one? I presume that the whole page should
    be changed not only the middle content?
    I'm sure some questions will pop up in the process. Do you have google talk
    or skype?

    Best, Vlada

    2010/10/5 Pavol Husar <>

    > Hi Vladimir,
    > I have programmed everything for this task, but I need a design and
    > preferably HTML too. I am attaching a snapshot of how it looks like now. The
    > idea is to have the list of available templates with their names,
    > screenshots and descriptions.
    > Please let me know in case you've got any questions. If you feel like it,
    > please edit directly the index.php.html and I will take your changes from
    > that file.
    > Best Regards,
    > Pavol Husár