Campsite 3.4.2 is Here!
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    Dear all,

    We are happy to announce that Campsite 3.4.2 is available for download from
    the usual place: (tar.gz and deb)

    This maintenance release brings a few small but useful features, including
    further refinements to the Universal List feature, a novel way of listing and
    managing articles introduced in the 3.4 series. The universal list will become
    the basis for all Campsite lists as well as new Home widgets, as of 3.5, so
    please don't hesitate to use it and abuse it and send your feedback to the

    Coinciding with this release, we are publishing a LDAP authentication plugin
    for Campsite, which can be downloaded here:

    The highlights of 3.4.2 are:

    - custom ordering in the article universal list (feature)
    - code syntax highlighter in the article editor (feature)
    - finished implementation of CSRF (Cross-site request forgery) protection for
    all operations in Campsite (security fix)
    - many bug fixes
    - LDAP plugin (integration with other systems via LDAP authentication)

    For a full list of Campsite 3.4.2 improvements, please visit

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    All the best,


    Sava Tatić
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