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    Please file in JIRA, thanks!

    On Wed, Aug 4, 2010 at 6:50 AM, Daniel James <> wrote:

    > Hi all,
    > With HTML5 supporting Ogg natively in Firefox and Chrome, it should be
    > possible to embed audio files from the Campcaster storage server and
    > live Icecast streams directly into pages served by Campsite, without
    > requiring any separate media player to be installed by the user.
    > I think that's potentially a killer feature for radio station websites,
    > or any news organisation that streams audio, because audio would only
    > have to be encoded once for all three formats - radio, streaming and
    > website. Storage space saved, and no transcoding problems.
    > Beyond that, how about putting Ogg Theora video files into Campcaster
    > storage? The audio codec is Vorbis, so that part should play out to the
    > radio as normal, but the video+audio could be streamed via Icecast, or
    > offered for on demand streaming via Campsite pages.
    > It should also be possible to have Campsite serve a version of the
    > latest news suitable for a radio announcer - plain screen, large
    > readable font etc. That would save time copying and pasting, printing
    > out scripts and so on.
    > Please post your integration thoughts on the Campcaster development list
    > or forum. I believe this integration could also help Campsite, by making
    > it unique among the many CMS products available.
    > Cheers!
    > Daniel

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