New release: Campsite 3.3.6
  • Sourcefabric has made its first software release since the restructuring and renaming of the organisation, which started over a decade ago as the digital media department of the Media Development Loan Fund. The new Campsite 3.3.6 release sees over twenty-five improvements, new features and bug fixes that focus on increased stability and security for users.

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    Security and stability enhancements include:

    *Total compatibility with newest version of PHP - 5.3.
    *A SQL Injection vulnerability in the TinyMCE text editor's article attachment functions was fixed (previously remedied with this patch)
    *Security for PHP scripts in the javascript directory significantly improved.
    *The upgrade process has been made safer by not allowing multiple upgrade processes in parallel.

    Bug fixes include:

    *Minor article lists, ordering and unlocking bugs fixed
    *Small issues with polls and forums fixed
    *Default login page language and character front end script bugs fixed

    For a full list of improvements, please visit The Campsite manual can be found at and the mailing list and forum is at

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    Campsite is the only open source content management system (CMS) written specifically for news organisations. The next release is Campsite 3.4, due at the end of June.