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    > On 22/04/10 20:52, Sia Gholami wrote:
    >> Hi,
    >> Thanks for the cheat sheet, it's a great help.
    >> Will you be adding repos for Ubuntu 9 and 10?
    >> I tried dpkg the packages, but it gave me a bunch of depency errors. I
    >> could go through them one by one, but I think apt would handle it better.
    >> Cheers.
    >> Sia.

    Hi Sia,

    Sorry for the delay in getting an answer to you on this.

    The instructions are as follows:

    To add the repository open a terminal and type

    $ sudo gedit /etc/apt/sources.list

    Write your password and a text file will open.

    Go to the bottom of this document and add the following line (use copy
    and paste):

    deb karmic-backports main

    (NOTICE: If you get an error while updating, try to type the above line
    manually in gedit. For unknown reasons, gedit seems to have trouble with
    copy and paste at times...)

    Save the current file and close gedit.

    Return to the terminal window. You now need to update your sources:

    sudo apt-get update

    There is a warning that the studio64 signature is not available. This is
    true and fine in this case, since you trust the studio64 distribution,
    so click OK.

    After that, you can install Campcaster packages using the apt-get command.

    $ sudo apt-get install campcaster-studio

    Type yes to confirm the installation and then to accept that you are
    installing unverified sources. Then the install begins. Installing
    Campcaster Studio will also install Campcaster Station, Campcaster Data
    and Campcaster Libs.


    Hope that helps! Apologies if the above seems patronising, it's copied
    directly from the new floss manual that is about to be published.

    Just so you know, we're launching our new organisation on 10.05 called
    Sourcefabric. Our forums and mailing lists have changed. you can go here
    to sign up for updates and support lists:

    Best wishes, Adam

    Adam Thomas
    Community Manager
    Sourcefabric o.p.s.
    DE +49 (0)1577 5173316
    Prinzessinnenstraße 20, 10969 Berlin, Germany