Campcaster-scheduler login failure
  • Hi, everybody - I've got a strange error that I can't figure out, and I can't find anything in the documentation about.

    When I try to start campcaster-scheduler, it throws an error.

    #> /etc/init.d/campcaster-scheduler start
    Starting campcaster scheduler: using config file '/opt/campcaster/etc/campcaster-scheduler.xml'
    #> /opt/campcaster/bin$ error executing command start
    authentication problem: Login method returned fault response:
    ini_set("error_append_string", "]

    I looked in the source code and 804 means the login failed. However, it gives me no indication as to WHY the login failed, or what I can do about it. The scheduler is obviously trying to log into something - but what?

    In the /opt/campcaster/etc/campcaster-scheduler.xml file, there is an interesting section:

    userName = "xxxxxxxxxx"
    password = "xxxxxxxxxx"

    Does this play a part? What's the first section there, the
    I really would like to get the scheduler operational -can anybody tell me what I might be doing wrong, or what to look at?

    Thanks in advance.