how to send metadata to icecast/shoutcast/steamcast
  • Hello,

    After reading a lot of old posts about darkice, gstreamer and so, it's still unclear to me - is there a way to get icecast/shoutcast/steamcast to display the metadata of the song currently playing?

    I'm planning to start an internet radio with at least 5-6 individual channels.

    I already got darkice streaming to one channel although it seems that it attempts to reencode the stream which is not desirable.

    Also would there be any "native" support for streaming to shoucast/icecast in the upcoming releases? I know that's a topic many are interested in. Currently there is no other linux/unix software to match Campcast, so I noticed a lot of people are willing to start immediately using Campcast for their internet streams.
    This will bring much new users to the Campcast community I'm sure.
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  • You can update your metadata to a Shoutcast server (others dunno) with:
    http://server:port/admin.cgi?pass=yourAdminPassword&mode =updinfo&song=This+Song+Rules

    You will receive (ONLY) a 200 OK header with nothing else, whether the request fails or not.

    Note the + instead of %20 for a space, otherwise it would display This%20Song%20Rules. You can also use a real space (firefox)

    Also watch out for ampersands (e.g. song=womack&womack), the server parses the second womack as a variable LOL
    Did not find a workaround for this yet...